Racalmutese Maria SS. Del Monte
2020 Bursary Candidates
Past Winners 
$1,000 Bursary Award - Francesca Bruccoleri
$,1,000 Bursary Award - Antonio Fricano
$500 Bursary Award - Joseph Bruccoleri
$500 Bursary Award - Natalia Giannini

Dear Racalmutese Maria SS. Del Monte Festa Committee,

As the recipient of the Maria SS. Del Monte Bursary Award, I would like to express my gratitude to the committee for organizing this amazing opportunity. I am very honoured and thankful to be one of the chosen recipients for this years award. With this award, you have lightened my financial burden and allowed me to focus on the most important aspects of school, the learning and education. Although it is unfortunate that this years festival did not proceed as planned due to the pandemic, it was still an extremely memorable experience for me.

Joey Bruccoleri



Thank you for the generous and humbling opportunity to be a recipient of this award. I greatly appreciate this award as it will go towards paying for my post secondary education. May God bless you all during these challenging times.

With gratitude,
Natalia Giannini

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2017 - JC